Christian Godfrey » Colin O’Donoghue » 31 / 1000+ » Full Demon » OPEN

"Everyone thinks that life will be sunshine and rainbows, puppies and bunnies. I’m here to make sure that dream never comes true."


+ Driven. Powerful.

- Cold. Manipulative. Sadistic.


Despite his name, Christian Godfrey is quite possibly one of the most evil men to have lived on Earth. He revels in death and destruction, taking pleasure in all the murder, sex, and soul stealing you could imagine. Morals are a concept that is foreign to Christian; he does what he wants, when he wants, and doesn’t care about the consequences. Once upon a time, though, Christian was very different.

Born to an aristocratic family over a thousand years ago, Christian had everything fed to him on a silver spoon. From an early age, he knew how to get everything he wanted; manipulation was a second nature to him, and often his victims had no idea they were being played. Just the way it was meant to be.

Christian is one of the few demons that never sold his soul, instead being recruited after his death. His charming nature and penchant for violence made him an excellent candidate, and Christian willingly accepted a life of service for the opportunity to have an immortal life. The transformation was excruciating for every demon, but Christian underwent a transformation other than just species. The years of torture he suffered in hell moulded him into a completely different person; his carefree ways instead replaced with bitterness and a dedication to bringing misery upon as many people as he could.

The pain he’d suffered in hell was something he was intent on inflicting on everyone else; he became obsessed with damning as any people to Hell as he possibly could. Christian’s charm and wit made the task easy; he became known for the enormous amount of amount of souls and prospective demons he brought through Hell. Demons are untrustworthy by nature, but somehow Christian managed to be surrounded by friends – or, at least, as close to friends as demons can get.

When Hell fell, Christian wasn’t completely bothered. Having never been a fan of the lifetime of servitude clause, he relished his new found freedom, and rampaged across the world, enjoying the fact he could keep the souls for himself. Though he enjoyed the bright lights of a big city, Christian found his calling in small towns. Eventually arriving in Nightingale Hill, he was intrigued by the mix of humans and supernaturals living in such close quarters – though many of the humans were unaware of this fact. Christian continued to take souls without remorse, but in such a small town, someone’s bound to eventually notice.


ADRIAN TURNER → Christian sees Adrian as nothing more than a traitor, with the other man no longer willing to partake in destruction for the sheer fun of it. Adrian is often the target of Christian’s games, but neither seem to be able to kill the other.

AZRAEL → The fact that Azrael is an angel should encourage hatred in Christian, and yet the two find themselves enjoying somewhat of a friendship. Christian is intrigued by Azrael, but that hasn’t stopped him from targeting other angels.

CALYPSO → Despite sharing many of the same views, if it weren’t for their partnership, Christian wouldn’t give Calypso the time of day. They could be best described as fishing partners, Calypso is the bait, and Christian is the killer.

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Jack Murphy » Richard Armitage » 38 » Vampire / Hunter » TAKEN

"These… things are abominations. Impure. They’ve come to wreak havoc on us, and I’m here to stop it. Monsters are a disease, and I am the cure. I won’t let anything – or anyone – stop me."


+ Driven. Passionate. Loyal.

- Cold. Violent. Hateful.


Born in Leicester, England to a single mother and an unknown father, Jack never had the best of upbringings. His mother was cruel and self-serving, a trait which passed on to her only child. As intelligent as he is unfeeling, Jack was the perfect candidate for a job he’d never dreamed of.

But, that’s getting too far ahead. His youth was filled with petty crimes and short stints in jail, intertwined with merciless beatings from his mother and her various boyfriends. Nurses would comment on how he spent most of his time either in hospital or in jail, but no one bothered to ask why. This detachment others had towards him had a profound effect on Jack, leading to his empathy towards others severely lacking. This, in turn, led to his prison psychologists labelling him as a sociopath.

While, for the most part, Jack agreed he somewhat resembled a sociopath, everything changed when he met Allana. Their romance was reminiscent of Beauty and the Beast. He was the brute, and she the person to bring his humanity back to the surface. Of course, an esteemed lawyer and a notorious petty criminal as a couple turned many heads, but no one could convince them that what they had wasn’t real.

Violent tendencies don’t go away overnight, and though his criminal activity dropped, his pent up anger remained within him. His anger gave him enemies, and his enemies gave him trouble. One such enemy was a demon. The night that Jack had taunted him in the back alleys of the London streets seemed almost as if it had happened yesterday. The night in which Jack lost his family, and his heart.

The Demon didn’t take kindly to Jack’s fists nor words, and yet he fled before the fight was over. Shrugging off his ravings about angels and demons, Jack dismissed him as a person who needed to be locked up in a facility. The Demon had other thoughts, and Jack came home to his slaughtered, pregnant wife.

Since then, Jack has trained in the art of killing. He doesn’t kill innocents (not often, anyway), just those he deems of being guilty of his wife’s death. Be it angel, demon, or anything in between, and Jack will put them down without a second thought. The loss of his wife and unborn child is what drives him, and he won’t give up until all supernatural creatures are dead, or he is. His wedding ring lies under his shirt, a constant reminder of what these beings were capable of.


ANGEL DANTON → As both his creator and his lover, Jack has an unbreakable bond towards Angel. Their relationship has always been rocky, but somehow they manage to stick it out.

LUCIUS TANNER → Lucius is Jack’s adversary in more ways than one. Both are vying for Angel’s affection, and both will stop at nothing to prove they are the better man. 

ANDREW LEWIS → Despite both being hunters, Andrew and Jack couldn’t be more different. Both see the other as arrogant, and are vehemently against working with each other. Hell would freeze over before the two would be considered friends.

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Asher Deverow » Chloe Moretz » 16 » Vampire » OPEN

"I didn’t ask for it, but it saved my life and for that, I’m forever grateful."


+ Clever. Kind. Motivated.

Stubborn. Short tempered. Impulsive.


Asher grew up in the system, bouncing from one foster home to the next. That was until she landed in Nightingale Hill. Her dream was shattered when she found out that her new parents were no more than a women who working two jobs and was never there and a man who never but down a beer bottle long enough to even learn her name. She couldn’t handle being with another failure family, she just couldn’t. So with her back pack full, she waited till night fell and set out to find the dream. 

It had been about three months since she left her foster family and she has held he own rather well. She spends most of her time wondering around the streets, getting to know the city she loved so much. Going out at night was her favourite that was until the night everything changed for her. One night when she was out she had gotten lost, and found herself on the wrong street at the wrong time. A group of  men jumped her, taking what they could from her and running but leaving they’re damage to her. They had beaten her practically to death, every inch of her screamed in pain. As her breathing slowed, she figured she was a done for that was until she heard a kind voice call out to her. She remembers hearing the name “Roxy”, and the faint taste of iron.

Thanks to Roxy and what she did that night Asher is still alive, still enjoying the streets of New York but now with a few new additions. Asher now has a home and someone that loves her unconditionally, as well as a new life. Granted Vampire life is one she must get use to, but one she is happy to explore.


ROXY LA BECQUE → She saved me in more then one way.She is the kindest and sweetest Vampire I’ve met. I finally belong somewhere with her, Roxy is family and I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

Stella Mason » Amber Heard » 26 » Half Demon » OPEN

"With a face as pretty as mine, I know that I can get through life just fine. Because people usually flock to those who have pretty faces. Of course, none of them know that I could probably reach into their chest and rip out their heart without a second thought. But, that’s what makes it all the more fun, isn’t it?"


+ Ambitious. Expressive. Sensual.

- Arrogant. Manipulative. Conceited.


When you are born into the lap of luxury, you never have to lift a single finger to get what you want. Servants at your beck and call, people who dress you and feed you and even clean you, if you so desire. And that is exactly what Stella Mason wanted in life. She didn’t want to do anything other than preen and accept the adoration of those around her. Because after all, she was gorgeous. She could do that if she wanted to, and everyone else could do the work for her.

Her mother was a famous fashion designer, who was constantly out of the house, leaving young Stella to her own devices. When she first hit puberty, and her breasts started to grow, already eyes followed her wherever she went. It wouldn’t be long before everyone, men and women, boys and girls alike, where chasing after her. And Stella thrived on that. She thrived on all the attention she received, and let it boost her ego until it was a raving monster that had complete control of her.

While her mother was away on business, Stella would throw wild parties that often ended with her in bed with someone, or even multiple someones if she was more than a little greedy for attention that night. That’s all it was to her. Attention. The people she fucked and left behind meant nothing to her, even as they pined and wasted away after their time together.

But something began to go wrong. After she abandoned someone in their bed, days later they would be found dead, wasted away and sick. Stella felt no remorse, no sadness. Only a steadily growing hunger that she didn’t understand but embraced with open arms, because when she did, she felt free. She felt powerful and sensual, everything she had ever felt slamming into her and taking control.

She found out about her mixed nature when she was twenty-four, and she was found by an incubus. It was the first man she’d ever met who could keep up with her sex drive, and she frequently went to him. It puzzled her to see that he wasn’t dead yet, and it puzzled him to see that she wasn’t dead yet. It only took a few minutes after their puzzlement was revealed to understand. Stella took to the fact that she was half succubus like a duck to water, and she still often visits the man who introduced her to the idea, though he is half-way across the country. 

Then, she found a succubus, who drew her eye and made her pulse with heat. It was easy to twine herself around the woman, and they stay twined together, pulling people into their tangled web, teasing them in closer before tearing them apart. It’s only a matter of time before they find a way to take the whole of Heaven or Hell down with them.


CALYPSO → Calypso is an enigma to Stella; she’s never felt a desire for anyone beyond the physical sense. She’s confused by her feelings towards the other succubus, and her confusing angers her to no end.

REECE PHILLIPS → Reece is Stella’s occasional lover, but for her it is nothing but a purely physical relationship. He’s one of the few people that has ever survived an encounter with a succubus, and that’s the reason she sticks around.

SEAN JONES → The sweet full angel is the only one who has ever made Stella question herself, and she hates him for it. Sean has no shortage of genuine friends, and it’s this that makes Stella see just how lonely she actually is.

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Roxanna La Becque » Claire Holt » 24 / 118 » Vampire » TAKEN

“I had a normal happy life, until someone took it upon themselves to change that. I was created for evil, but that doesn’t mean I am. I‘m more then the demon inside me and I will prove that with every breath I have.”


+ Protective. Kind. Loyal. 

 –Depressed. Stubborn. Blunt.


Roxanna was born in the later part of the 19th century in the beautiful city of Versailles France. She is the youngest of two, born to Josephine and Mikael La Becque. The relationship between her and her older brother Dominique is very close they were best friends growing up and he was very protective of her, a trait that hasn’t diminished even now with their new lives.

 Her family was of middle class status and lived just south of the busy town square. Her father was a well-known business man, while her mother dabbled in painting but was primarily their teacher. They stayed in France until she was 12, when they moved to Chicago for her father’s business. At first she hated leaving the wonderful world of France, but as the years passed she adjusted to the hustle and bustle of the busy city.  

The roaring 20’s were a blast for her and Dominique, every moment seemed like a party to them. The little jazz club downtown became their home away from home, they became very close to everyone that worked there including the owner; little did they know that the owner was something from nightmares. He was the one that took the normal life they had and turned it upside down.

 It’s been a little over a century since that horrible night, the night one life ended and another was resurrected. Roxanna has seen many things since then and has lived many different lives, never wanting to settle down; knowing that people will eventually detect that she never ages, never change. Even though change has become easier for her and her brother, she still can’t stand what they have become, so she spends most of her time trying to prove that she is more than just a blood thirsty monster.


LAURA NIEMAN → The sweetest half demon I’ve ever met. She always has a shoulder and listening ears for me. I would do anything for her, she is one of the closes thing I have to family in NY and I’m honored to call her my sister and best friend

ANGEL DANTON → Lovable but ever so sassy mentor, Drinking buddy, Vampire extraordinaire. She shows me the ropes and reminds me that this life is what I make it. I don’t know what I would do with out her, she is truly one of my sisters. 

COOPER LOGAN → Rough around the edges but secretly the sweetest man alive. I love him to pieces, he isn’t scared to be completely honest with me. He is there to set me straight.

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  • Aaron Taylor-Johnson
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  • Zoe Kravitz
  • Lizzie Brochere
  • Milo Ventimiglia
  • Gage Golightly
  • Zoe Saldana
  • Gaspard Ulliel
  • Bill Skarsgard
  • Dean O’Gorman
  • Matthew Gray-Gubler
  • Matt Bomer

All of those FCs are open, and will be posted soon. I’ll work on an official list of Taken FCs soon.

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Lani Whitman » Elizabeth Olsen » 24 » Human » OPEN

"I don’t know what I want to do with my life. I know that’s probably been said by hundreds of people, but I honestly don’t know. I guess I’d like to settle down, once I’ve met the right guy. But for now, I’m bartending at Heaven or Hell. That’s good enough for me."


+ Romantic. Independent. Headstrong.

- Shy. Quiet. Suspicious of others.


A Nightingale Hill native, Lani is well accustomed to the strange occurrences that tend to go on in this little town. If you were looking for the hotspot to the strange activity, Lani would point you straight to her bar. Though it isn’t technically her bar, it’s been a part of her life for as long as she could remember, and she’s doubtful that it would be as successful as it is without her.

Known for being as headstrong as she is shy, Lani is certainly one of the more difficult people to get to know in the town. Her personal life is exactly that: personal. She keeps it close to her chest, only inviting in the most trusted of friends. On the eve of her seventh birthday, Lani’s parents went out and never returned home. The authorities called it a tragic accident. Lani called it murder. Of course, she couldn’t substantiate the claim, and her belief was brushed off as the wild imaginings of a grief stricken young girl. There was something, though, that did not sit right with Lani. She couldn’t explain why she felt the way she did, and so she kept it inside. She became introverted, preferring to live in her own head than with others

The town had a way of protecting its own, but ever since that night, Lani was widely considered to be a lost woman. Wherever she went, strange things followed. Something was taken from her the night her parents passed. Some say it was her innocence, others, her soul.

Since that night, Lani has been considered to be a lost woman. Something was taken from her the night her parents passed. Some say it was her innocence. Others say it was her soul. All she really says is that she just wants to keep bartending, and live her life her way. She won’t let anyone control her, but if she could, she’d just crawl in her own mind and stay there. No one else would be allowed, because it was her mind, her world.


REECE PHILLIPS  → Lani is fond of Reece, but this fondness has never extended beyond friendship. The two understand each other perfectly, and it’s no secret that they get up to mischief when they think no one’s looking.

AZRAEL → Like a fly caught in a spiders web, Lani is well and truly caught in Azrael’s trap. She senses that he is a danger, yet can’t help but stick around and see where things go. With all her friends warning her otherwise, it’s only a matter of time until something gives.

GRAYSON SIMMONS → Ever since the death of her parents, Grayson has been by Lani’s side. He tries to keep her out of trouble, which where Lani is concerned is no easy feat. She loves having him around, but only as a last resort.

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Jason Bridges » Keahu Kahuanui » 22 / 120 » Full Angel » OPEN

"It’s not easy, being out of the ordinary. What I would give to be able to fit in, to be normal. But I guess there’s no hope for that.”


+ Kind. Witty. Hopeful.

- Faintly sarcastic. A bit in-your-face. Faintly crude.


Jason was born in 1892, in a small Hawaiian village. He spent the first years of his life there, fishing and just growing up like any normal boy of the time. And then, World War 1 started. He was only twenty-two when he was called to go to war, and no long after he died in combat. Jason became just another dead body in a ditch. Well, at least, for a little while.

He woke up again, in the crumbled remains of the little village he’d lived in. He didn’t know what had happened, because the last things he remembered were the gun being pointed at him, and then nothing but pain. He was greeted by a figure clothed in white, one who said that he would teach him everything he needed to know in this new form.Jason was given time to weep for his lost family and child, because once it was explained to him, he realized that there was no way he could ever join them in their afterlife. The man who’d greeted him, the one named Isador, took him under his wing, and led him away from the ruins of his lost village. Jason never returned.

He went with Isador, instead, to the mainland, a place he’d never actually seen properly, other than through a truck window or through sleepy eyes. Isador taught him about the proper customs there, and they stayed under the radar, all the way up until 1997, when he and Isador moved to Nightingale Hill; a small town that reminded Jason very much of home.

There, they found Heaven or Hell bar, a place neither had ever heard of. But inside, they found other full bloods, demons and angels alike, as well as half-breeds who found sanctuary there. It was amazing to Jason and he begged Isador to stay, and the man reluctantly agreed. Jason bought his own little apartment a few miles from Heaven or Hell, and he works there on the weekends when he’s not working at the small art museum in the city.


ISADOR LASKARIS→ As his creation, Jason feels an overwhelming sense of loyalty towards the other angel. Where Isador goes, he goes, and for the most part he’s happy with that. However, Isador’s lack of enthusiam about joining humanity is often the reason behind their arguments.

LANI WHITMAN → Lani’s sense of self is something that intrigues Jason to no end; the contrast between how she feels and how she presents herself to others fascinates him. He feels a sense of duty to protect her, but she certainly doesn’t feel the same way.

ABDIEL → Jason is both irritated, yet grateful, for Abby’s presence in his life. He can’t help but feel like she’s waiting for him to mess up, and is only acting on Isador’s orders to keep an eye out for him. He does his best to hide this, because ultimately he know she has a good heart.

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