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Upcoming/Taken FC list?

Non-existant, at the moment. These are a few of our upcoming fcs:

  • Aaron Taylor-Johnson
  • Charlie Hunnam
  • Zoe Kravitz
  • Lizzie Brochere
  • Milo Ventimiglia
  • Gage Golightly
  • Zoe Saldana
  • Gaspard Ulliel
  • Bill Skarsgard
  • Dean O’Gorman
  • Matthew Gray-Gubler
  • Matt Bomer

All of those FCs are open, and will be posted soon. I’ll work on an official list of Taken FCs soon.

-Admin E


Lani Whitman » Elizabeth Olsen » 24 » Human » OPEN

"I don’t know what I want to do with my life. I know that’s probably been said by hundreds of people, but I honestly don’t know. I guess I’d like to settle down, once I’ve met the right guy. But for now, I’m bartending at Heaven or Hell. That’s good enough for me."


+ Romantic. Independent. Headstrong.

- Shy. Quiet. Suspicious of others.


A Nightingale Hill native, Lani is well accustomed to the strange occurrences that tend to go on in this little town. If you were looking for the hotspot to the strange activity, Lani would point you straight to her bar. Though it isn’t technically her bar, it’s been a part of her life for as long as she could remember, and she’s doubtful that it would be as successful as it is without her.

Known for being as headstrong as she is shy, Lani is certainly one of the more difficult people to get to know in the town. Her personal life is exactly that: personal. She keeps it close to her chest, only inviting in the most trusted of friends. On the eve of her seventh birthday, Lani’s parents went out and never returned home. The authorities called it a tragic accident. Lani called it murder. Of course, she couldn’t substantiate the claim, and her belief was brushed off as the wild imaginings of a grief stricken young girl. There was something, though, that did not sit right with Lani. She couldn’t explain why she felt the way she did, and so she kept it inside. She became introverted, preferring to live in her own head than with others

The town had a way of protecting its own, but ever since that night, Lani was widely considered to be a lost woman. Wherever she went, strange things followed. Something was taken from her the night her parents passed. Some say it was her innocence, others, her soul.

Since that night, Lani has been considered to be a lost woman. Something was taken from her the night her parents passed. Some say it was her innocence. Others say it was her soul. All she really says is that she just wants to keep bartending, and live her life her way. She won’t let anyone control her, but if she could, she’d just crawl in her own mind and stay there. No one else would be allowed, because it was her mind, her world.


REECE PHILLIPS  → Lani is fond of Reece, but this fondness has never extended beyond friendship. The two understand each other perfectly, and it’s no secret that they get up to mischief when they think no one’s looking.

AZRAEL → Like a fly caught in a spiders web, Lani is well and truly caught in Azrael’s trap. She senses that he is a danger, yet can’t help but stick around and see where things go. With all her friends warning her otherwise, it’s only a matter of time until something gives.

GRAYSON SIMMONS → Ever since the death of her parents, Grayson has been by Lani’s side. He tries to keep her out of trouble, which where Lani is concerned is no easy feat. She loves having him around, but only as a last resort.

Jason Bridges » Keahu Kahuanui » 22 / 120 » Full Angel » OPEN

"It’s not easy, being out of the ordinary. What I would give to be able to fit in, to be normal. But I guess there’s no hope for that.”


+ Kind. Witty. Hopeful.

- Faintly sarcastic. A bit in-your-face. Faintly crude.


Jason was born in 1892, in a small Hawaiian village. He spent the first years of his life there, fishing and just growing up like any normal boy of the time. And then, World War 1 started. He was only twenty-two when he was called to go to war, and no long after he died in combat. Jason became just another dead body in a ditch. Well, at least, for a little while.

He woke up again, in the crumbled remains of the little village he’d lived in. He didn’t know what had happened, because the last things he remembered were the gun being pointed at him, and then nothing but pain. He was greeted by a figure clothed in white, one who said that he would teach him everything he needed to know in this new form.Jason was given time to weep for his lost family and child, because once it was explained to him, he realized that there was no way he could ever join them in their afterlife. The man who’d greeted him, the one named Isador, took him under his wing, and led him away from the ruins of his lost village. Jason never returned.

He went with Isador, instead, to the mainland, a place he’d never actually seen properly, other than through a truck window or through sleepy eyes. Isador taught him about the proper customs there, and they stayed under the radar, all the way up until 1997, when he and Isador moved to Nightingale Hill; a small town that reminded Jason very much of home.

There, they found Heaven or Hell bar, a place neither had ever heard of. But inside, they found other full bloods, demons and angels alike, as well as half-breeds who found sanctuary there. It was amazing to Jason and he begged Isador to stay, and the man reluctantly agreed. Jason bought his own little apartment a few miles from Heaven or Hell, and he works there on the weekends when he’s not working at the small art museum in the city.


ISADOR LASKARIS→ As his creation, Jason feels an overwhelming sense of loyalty towards the other angel. Where Isador goes, he goes, and for the most part he’s happy with that. However, Isador’s lack of enthusiam about joining humanity is often the reason behind their arguments.

LANI WHITMAN → Lani’s sense of self is something that intrigues Jason to no end; the contrast between how she feels and how she presents herself to others fascinates him. He feels a sense of duty to protect her, but she certainly doesn’t feel the same way.

ABDIEL → Jason is both irritated, yet grateful, for Abby’s presence in his life. He can’t help but feel like she’s waiting for him to mess up, and is only acting on Isador’s orders to keep an eye out for him. He does his best to hide this, because ultimately he know she has a good heart.

Abdiel (Abby) » Emmy Rossum » 20 / 1000+ » Full Angel »OPEN

"We all have faith in something; our family, our friends, even ourselves. Without faith we are nothing."


+ Kind Hearted. Intelligent. Faithful.

- Naive. Obsessive. 


 Among the eldest of her kind, Abdiel was one of the most loved and respected angels in Heaven. Seen as wise and level-headed, she was often the one to mediate when arguments between her family members broke out. It was commonplace for an angel to have doubts, and Abdiel was always the one to encourage them to keep their faith, and carry on with their work.

Abdiel was extremely close to God; she was among the rare few who had ever laid eyes on him. He often proclaimed her as the sweetest and kindest of her sisters, often to her embarrassment. Despite His obvious favouritism, it was impossible for her siblings to be jealous of her; she was far too good-natured to be hated.

Unlike many other angels, Abdiel was in absolute awe of humankind. She was fascinated by them, and immersed herself in their culture whenever she had the chance. She was eventually tasked with spreading God’s word throughout the Earth, and it was a task she was more than happy to complete. She took pride in her work, and was considered the best at what she did.

The day that Heaven fell, Abdiel was continuing to spread the word of the Lord into human’s ears. It wasn’t until she attempted to return to Heaven that she realised something was terribly wrong. Unable to enter Heaven, Abdiel found that they were no longer welcome in their home, and their Father had disappeared without a wall. He had left, and had taken no one with them.

Earth was now their sanctuary, but for many adjusting to their new life proved difficult. Abdiel found it easier, having spent so many years among them. She renamed herself Abby, and did her best to reinvent other aspects of her life. She found herself in Nightingale Hill, and spent her first nights as a human in the Heaven or Hell bar. She found herself compelled to return to the bar, and the more she visited, the more immersed in human culture she became.

Though she was, for the most part, happy with her new life, Abby couldn’t help but continue to question the circumstances behind her Father’s sudden disappearance. She couldn’t allow herself to believe that He no longer loved them, but as time went on, the angel renowned for her faith finally began to lose it.


JASON BRIDGES → Abby has a sisterly relationship with the young angel. Where she can, she does her best to guide him and be a shoulder to lean on, but lately the tables have been turned.

REECE PHILLIPS → To say Abby has a crush on Reece would be putting it lightly. Though she’d never enact on her feelings, she admires Reece from afar, and she’s plenty content to stay that way.

CHARLES LANE → The young werewolf is another of Abby’s friends, though she’s less trustful of Charlie than the others. His tendency to snap at people — both literally and figuratively — makes this a friendship walking on a thread.

Adrian Turner » Ben Whishaw  » 27 / 640 » Full Demon » OPEN

"I am not evil, nor have I ever been evil. I’m simply a person without inhibitions. A person without restrictions - I suppose - is dangerous. I am not a corrupter, I only open the eyes of those around me. For that, I cannot be blamed."


+ Charismatic. Smart. Loyal to a selective few.

- Impulsive. Distrustful. Sadistic.


Adrian was born in 14th century England to an aristocratic and wealthy family. His life was easy; he only ever got his servants to do his work for him. He knew nothing of the hardships that the common working man had to face. At least, that was until his family fortune was lost, and Adrian was all but turned onto the streets with his wife and newborn son.

Picking up the trade of furniture making, Adrian struggled to cover the expenses of his family. He carried the weight of his wife and sons’ dependence on him heavily, and dedicated much of his time to doing all he possibly could to make his family comfortable. Being so invested in his work meant Adrian missed many of the important moment in his young son’s life. Learning to walk, learning to talk; Adrian was not around for any of it. Despite that, it could easily be said that Adrian’s life revolved around young William. He would do almost anything for the money that he needed to ensure that William grew up at least relatively comfortably.

It was the summer of 1398 when Adrian finally got his chance to secure William’s future; even if it was in an unorthodox way. Summoning a crossroads demon, Adrian traded his soul for the promise that, in ways that could not be explained, his wife and son would be able to live the way that Adrian himself had lived before luck turned its back on him. In exchange for the life Adrian always dreamed of for his family, be would be allowed a single year to say his goodbye’s and get his affairs in order, before the demon would come to collect his debt. 

A year later, on his son’s birthday, Adrian was found dead in his workshop and his soul was taken to Hell. There it was tortured until it was shaped into one of the most deadly creatures known to man; a demon. Adrian quickly ascended through the ranks, his previous life worked like a catalyst to drive him further and further into the darkness. 

Commanding legions of his own kind, Adrian - or Berith, as his demon name was - became known for his sadistic nature when it came to murdering humans. His speciality was driving his victim into madness, much like his soul had when it transformed from man to beast. After the fall, Adrian became a wanderer, preferring to surround himself with the darkness he was so used to being engulfed in. Never staying in one place to long, Adrian soon found himself on the doorstep of a bar aptly named Heaven or Hell. It was here he found himself drawn to, wanting to stay and carve out whatever home was possible for a creature so damned as he.


CHRISTIAN GODFREY → Despite being the same species, these two demons couldn’t be further apart. While Christian relishes in destruction, Adrian is doing his best to create a new life. They rub shoulders often, and that could lead to troubling times for the whole bar.

ISADOR LASKARIS → Adrian enjoys Isador’s companionship, finding that the two have similar pasts, and are hoping to have similar futures. The fact that they are friends causes many sideways glances in the bar.

JASON BRIDGES → The warmth Adrian feels for Isador does not extend to his protege. To him, Jason is a nuisance, and he can’t help but feel jealous because of the special connection between the two angels. Not that he’d ever admit to it, of course.

Cooper Logan » Aidan Turner » 27 / 850 » Full Angel » TAKEN

"We were just blind sheep. We were nothing more than tools to be used, and we fell for him. Fuck God, and fuck being an angel.”


+ Honest. Sympathetic. Loyal.

- Callous. Distrustful.


Ask Cooper about his life before an angel, and he’s likely to either give you a blank stare, or tell you to piss off. His life isn’t something he’s fond of talking about, even though it was full of fond memories. Born into a noble family in 1164, Cooper had an easy life growing up. With two older sisters and a younger brother, Cooper lived life without a care in the world.

However, everything changed when England went to war In the Third Crusade. As he was in fit health, Cooper was required to fight for his country, and the young man was eager to show his prowess on the battlefield. Kissing his tearful family goodbye, Cooper had sailed for Syria, with no idea what lay ahead of him. For two years, Cooper fought in the Holy Land, only to be sent home after being injured in the battlefield. In his dreams, his home had remained the same in the years he had gone. In reality, much had changed.

Cooper returned to England to find he was now the head of his family, with his father being struck down by a fever some months ago. The years in the Holy Land had changed Cooper; he was no longer the carefree, wild spirited man that his family knew. Instead, he was sombre, turning to drink in times of stress. His family longed for the Cooper they had known before the war – and so did he.

Cooper spent the next year managing the family estate, until one cold November morning changed everything. A barn belonging to some peasants had caught on fire, and in his eagerness to save a families livelihood, Cooper’s brother had become trapped inside the burning building. Without hesitation, Cooper pushed his way through the flames, finally reaching his brother on the barns upper floor. With no way out except down, Cooper’s brother jumped from barns upper window, expecting Cooper to follow. He never did.

Cooper awoke to a bright light, and a new life as an angel. His prowess on the battlefield and ability to take orders without question meant he was perfectly suited to the life of a warrior, fighting many wars against those who threatened the – relative – peace of mankind.

While there’s no doubt that Heaven’s fall affected all of the angels, it was especially hard on the man who had been praised for his unquestioning loyalty to God. The brutal honesty of the situation affected Cooper deeply, his mind struggling to comprehend why and how something like this could have happened. He found comfort in drinking and, occasionally, drugs, due to its ability to take away the memories of his former life.

Cooper’s blunt honesty and tendency to distrust everyone he came across earned him few friends, but his sympathy for others who had been through difficult situations gained him some respect in the bar.  This respect comes with reservations; his unruly nature tended to land him back to square one. For him, though, that’s good enough.


VIOLET MCMANUS → Despite the fact they are occasionally lovers, Cooper all but denies the fact he has any feelings for Violet, romantic or otherwise. She puts up with him at his worst, which is a feat that not everyone can stomach.

ISADOR LASKARIS → Nothing brings Cooper greater joy than to cause grievance to Isador. Having known each other for over 800 years means Cooper knows all of Isador’s secrets and fears, and he plays them like a fiddle.

ANGEL DANTON → Their relationship is a rocky one; constantly swinging back and forth from best friends to bitter enemies. Neither has any problem with saying what they really think, and that probably has a lot to do with it.

Jake Evit » Bill Kaulitz » 22 / 138 » Full Demon » TAKEN

"The past is in the past. I am not proud of my past, so I don’t like to dwell on it"


+ Outgoing. Trustworthy. Caring

- Moody. Overprotective. Likes to play tricks


Jake comes across as a nice and carefree guy, but if anybody mentions anything to do with his past, he closes up.

Jake was the eldest of four children from a upper middle class family in Dublin. He was a very happy and talkative person who got along with everyone he ever met. He was also very protective of his two younger brothers and his younger sister. Everything in his life was just perfect, until one night he had come home from being with his girlfriend to find his house in flames. Every single member of his family were killed in that fire and he felt like had lost everything and had nothing to live for.

He died the very same night after he had fallen from a rooftop near his home. He didn’t commit suicide, he was pushed off by his girlfriend who he thought was coming to comfort him. The demons found him and woke him from his deathly slumber with an offer he couldn’t refuse. All he had to do was to kill his girlfriend and he could become one of them. He had so much rage in him that he beheaded her while she was sleeping. He didn’t know it then, but he was becoming one of the most dangerous demons alive.

After the fall, he became aware of what damage he had done. He soon felt no desire to kill for fun, so he bottled up his anger and disappeared. He soon found himself in New York ready to start again. He stumbled across Heaven or Hell and he knew that this was a place where he could be happy.


COOPER LOGAN → Every time Jake walks into the bar,Coopers face is the first one he sees. Sometimes they get along and sometimes they don’t,Jake believes this is due to him being a demon and Cooper being and angel.

VIOLET MCMANUS → There is something about the young half-angel that reminds Jake of his little sister. Because of this he is very over protective of her and even though he is trying to be a good,he would kill anybody who hurt her.

Laura Nieman » Kerli Koiv » 23 » Half Demon » TAKEN

"Everybody embraces one side of themselves. Some embrace their light side, while others embrace their dark. Me?   like to walk the line between the two, embracing both sides of myself."


+ Bubbly. Kind. Creative.

- Cunning. Can be violent.


Laura is a very strange girl living in the heart of Nightingale Hill, trying to fit in with the people is something that has never been on the top of her to-do list.

Born in the big, bustling city of London, Laura has always been around people who found her to be different. She never knew who her father was and with her mother being a big shot designer, she always felt alone, so she took up painting. Everybody in her school saw her as a freak who made her own clothes and lashed out at anybody who got close to her, only to be nice to them after. 

On her 18th birthday, her mother finally told her the truth. That she was half demon and her father left soon as he heard about her. She was a little bit upset by this news and a few days later she was on a plane to America, a place she wanted to go ever since she was little.

In a new place and with her innocent look, she could get her own way and would kill without a care. When things got out of control, she found herself with no choice but to go a small town. Now, she is settled in at Heaven or Hell, killing only when she needs to.


ROXY LA BECQUE → She and the vampire have been friends for quite a while.They always seem to have each others back not matter what happens to either of them. She thinks of Roxy as the sister she always wanted but never had.

LUCIUS TANNER → She thinks that he deserves the title of the bars resident flirt since he seems to be with a different girl every time she sees him. But she can’t help having a little bit of a crush on him as he seems to bring out her darker side.

Isador Laskaris » Tyler Hoechlin » 29/1000+ » Full Angel »  OPEN

"I was a warrior. A savage, brutal warrior with no mercy. I fought the battles of Heaven. I was dangerous. Then, I was more evil than good, more demon than angel. At least, in the eyes of my Lord. But, I was his best. He needed me, depended upon me. And because of that, I fought for him, though I only wished to be quiet and still and calm. I did not wish to fight. But I fought because it was asked of me. And now, though it is not asked of me, I would fight again, because it is in my blood. I realize that now."


+ Graceful. Merciful. Serene. Often quiet. Thoughtful.

- Cruel streak. PTSD sufferer. Occasionally violent.


Isador was born long, long ago. Too far back to even remember, though there are times when a haunted look passes over his eyes and it is obvious that he does remember. He lived in a rich Greek family, large and inviting. He was the first son, with three others after him, and two sisters before him. Six children was a lot for his mother to deal with, and he still thanks her every night before he lets sleep take him for being able to handle all of them. Life was good, at least for the first years. He took on the family business, and left pleasure to be dealt with whenever he had the spare time, which was never. But he enjoyed his life. That life was taken from him one quiet evening, at the tip of a blade that pierced through his heart. The coins in a bag at his side were stolen, and he was left to bleed out on the cobblestones beneath his back. 

When he woke up, the world was white. Figures surrounded him, all beautiful and illuminated and pure. He couldn’t believe what was happening. Isador simply believed himself to be dreaming, until he was introduced to his Lord. And that was all it took. From then on, Isador was the model angel, beautiful and kind and graceful. He was worthy of the title. But that all changed when the first war happened. It was lost to history, the stories never told, but he remembered. He remembered every detail. Every drop of blood spilt.  He became a warrior for heaven in only a few minutes, picking up an angel blade and slicing through an entire regiment of the demon army and decimating them. He was victorious in the battle, celebrated. Blood coated his skin, and still he was accepted and brought back into the fold. And so, his fate was sealed. Every war, every battle, Isador was at the front, blade drawn and wings plumed behind him. He was feared and respected, and more and more blood built on his hands. 

When God retreated, after the final strike was given to the humans below on Earth, most of the angels were absolutely distraught. Isador was curiously blank. He no longer had to fight. There were no more battles to be fought, because soon the demon leader retreated as well, and there was no reason to fight. His blade was useless. He was left a brutal man with no purpose.

Isador wandered the Earth after that, distancing himself from any of the other beings that followed the same path as himself. He stayed cloaked and hidden. It is not known what led to the next part in his life, for he refuses to speak of it. But soon, he was guiding new angels through their new forms and lives, showing them what they were and how they were supposed to live. Most did not listen to him, but there were a few who did, and who appreciated every moment with the elder angel. But he would eventually push them away, and they would go off on their own, and he would be alone again.

Jason was different, though. Isador needed the contact, needed the friendship the other angel provided. And so, Isador let Jason stay by his side, and a hundred years later, there is still a bond between them, one Isador doesn’t want to let go of, because Jason is one of the only angels left that Isador can see belonging in heaven, wings shining and voice ringing out with perfection. Isador misses heaven. He aches for it still. He does not miss the chaos of battle, and he knows that if heaven ever came back, battle would be where he would belong. But oh, how he misses his home.

Heaven or Hell is as much as sanctuary to him as it is to the half-breeds that drift in through its doors. Because despite what all goes on in its rooms, the bad and the worse, he thrives from the feeling of home he gets from the walls that surround him there. He is there, every evening, speaking with the people that come in, human, demon, angel, and half-breed alike. He sometimes helps behind the bar, but that is not often.

Earth provides a bare mimicry of the glory of heaven, but Isador strives to see the good in the humans that his Lord refused to after so long, and he strives to stay good. The nightmares that haunt his sleep remind him that he can never be good, can never be pure again.


JASON BRIDGES → As Jason’s creator, the two share an undeniable bond. He’s closer to a brother than a mentor, and the two became especially close after the fall of Heaven.

COOPER LOGAN → If there’s one angel Isador wants to see dead, it’s the towns resident drunk. Isador sees Cooper as nothing more than a piece of trash, and is more than happy to let him know that.

ADRIAN TURNER → Chalk and cheese are more alike than these two, and yet somehow they manage to get along. Both strive for redemption, but are doubtful they’ll ever receive it.

Azrael » Godfrey Gao» 25 / 1000+» Full Angel» OPEN

"The world is chaos, and my job is to bring it to order. Or rather, it was. I was the Angel of Death, the Keeper of Souls. Order to chaos. Now, though, there is no order. I have no purpose. And most importantly, I do not have any souls."


+ Just. Honest. Truthful. 

- Lack of empathy. Doesn’t understand humans. 


Undoubtedly, one of the first things you’ll notice about Azrael is his name. Though he’s unlikely to give you the time of day, Azrael’s name of is of particular significance, especially to those of a religious origin. They might recognize Azrael as the Angel of Death. They’d be right.

Azrael was the great protector of the spiritual world, dedicating much of his life to ensuring the safety of the souls that passed through Heaven. He was dedicated to his mission; rarely did he take a rest, and never did he allow anyone else to do his job. What the Bible didn’t mention was Azrael’s tendency to come across as callous and antisocial. The years of living in practical solitude affected Azrael greatly, leaving him just a shell of who he once was.

Azrael’s uncompromising need for order and routine won him few friends, and the few times that Azrael dared to venture away from his self-imposed solitude gave him no incentive to become more sociable. He kept himself to himself, and he was more in tune with the souls than any angel in his garrison. With much time on his hands and little to do with it, Azrael focused his attentions on the arts. Over the years, he became passionate about his art, though the other angels didn’t understand nor praise his work. Azrael lived a life without appreciation, but it was one he was content to live.

However, being so ingrained in his way of life meant that, when heaven fell, Azrael found himself unable to cope. While most angels fled heaven – most relishing the opportunity to make their own choices – Azrael remained in heaven, trying to restore order in a now chaotic world. But with demons now running around unchecked, the supply of souls that passed through heaven slowly dried up. As with all angels, Azrael was dependent on the faith of humans to survive as an immortal. With no other choice, Azrael finally made the journey to Earth, and began to adjust to his new life.

Though he spent many years wandering, Azrael finally came across a small town known as Nightingale Hill.While it was nothing compared to Heaven, the quaint town had a familiar quality about it that Azrael couldn’t identify. He decided that he would call this place home, at least temporarily. He tried not to get too attached to the residents; sooner or later, he would need their souls. Without his souls, there was chaos. Without his souls, he was powerless. 


RAPHAEL → Though the two angels rarely mixed in the same circles in Heaven, once they were both stranded on Earth, the two found they were able to tolerate each others company. Despite their outward appearances, perhaps the two aren’t so different after all.

LANI WHITMAN → Putting it lightly, Azrael doesn’t care for Lani in the slightest. He sees her as nothing more than a nuisance, and a human at that. If Azrael had a hit list, she’d probably be on it.

ISADOR LASKARIS → Azrael always had somewhat of an admiration for Isador; his ability to get things done quickly and efficiently was a talent some angels sorely needed. You might call them friends, but only if neither were in earshot.